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Terms & Conditions for Inflatable Hire


The Hirer or responsible representative must be present when Playtime Castles or its staff arrive to 'set up' at the designated time and place.

Power must be available within 25 meters of the castle 'set up'. One only power lead, supplied by us shall be used. We will not allow you to extend with a non tag and tested lead. No exceptions.

The Hirer must provide a reasonably level, dry, and of course easily accessible site. The Hirer authorises Playtime Castles to bring our vehicle or equipment onto their property to deliver and to recover the equipment.

Our staff will not attempt to lift heavy items up or down stairs or even over fences etc. Playtime or its staff reserves the right to cancel any hire that may be dangerous or jeopardise safety in any way.

The equipment shall not be moved from the site upon which it was delivered and 'set up', without our authority.

We care about SAFETY. The Hirer must ensure that:

No children play with the electric blower or power chord or RCD.

No shoes are worn, no food or drink consumed on the inflatable and no sharp objects be allowed on or near the castle.

No fires, no smoking, no BBQ's or hot sources within anywhere near the castle.

No pets or animals are allowed on the castle.

No face paints (unless completely dried), silly string or poppers to be used on the castle. If face paint does get on the castle please wipe clean immediately with a damp cloth or face wipe.

Please, please help us to keep our prices down and castles stain and smell free so its nice and tidy for everyone. If there is residue/mess or stains from wet facepaint, drink spill, food, glitter, sand or mud etc - there is a $50 cleaning fee that will apply to the hirer and if its not paid our payment terms have not been met. Thanks so much.

The castle not be purposely wet by a hose or other, except the Truck Wash Castle which sprays water. But dont squirt water at this castle from the outside.

Adult supervision is provided at all times while the castle or equipment is in use.

Strictly no climbing over the walls of the inflatable. Strictly no adults to jump on any of our inflatables.

If the blower cuts out for any reason get the children out of the inflatable as fast as you can, recheck the blower, RCD device in case that tripped and electrical lead and re-plug in.

Playtime Bouncy Castles cares deeply about Health and Safety. We urge an adult be present at ALL TIMES, to help reduce the risk of an injury or incident. The Hirer shall be responsible for gaining any permits that may be required to operate the equipment and hereby indemnifies Playtime Castles from any removal orders, penalties or other obligations incurred due to the Hirer's failure to obtain or comply with any such permit.

The Hirer will be liable for any costs or penalties due to the equipment creating an obstruction including without limitation any local authority fines, towage costs, seizure or impoundment costs during the hire period. Your need to notify your council when and where a hire is on public land.

    In the event of any damage to the equipment, the Hirer shall:

  1. Immediately notify Playtime Castles by telephone, text or email at the number provided on the invoice/agreement
  2. Not attempt to repair the damage in any way.
  3. Be liable to Playtime Castles for the cost of repair by our designated repairer or replacement if repair is not an option.In the event of loss of the equipment the Hirer shall pay Playtime Castles the sum equivalent to the cost of replacing the lost equipment.

In the event that Playtime Castles is unable to collect our equipment from the Hirer at the conclusion of hire then costs for additional hours will be calculated and added. Where this additional payment is not made, this will be referred to our ‘specialist agent’ and their costs plus any court and related costs, loss of income and other remedies will be added to the total amount owing.

Wet weather/ Windy conditions Policy

We no longer deliver castles if it is drizzling, or likely to drizzle, or raining or if its highly likely. If the rain gets in it, we then have a massive and urgent job to get it dry so damage by mould doesn't set in rapidly. Sadly its the time needed in a dry location that's the issue. So we don't have our castles operating in the rain. If its going to rain during your hire time, you have the option to change the date, hire a ‘light passing shower cover’ if available (these are $55 extra) or, cancel the hire when we call you. We do not charge for cancellations due to unsuitable weather. Once the decision to cancel has been made - Sorry but we may not always be able to supply if the weather improves, due to several reasons, eg, staff being sent home, castles unpacked etc. Sorry but these things we can’t magically change. We can only try to see what we can do. The castle comes with an electric blower, which must be kept going to keep the castle inflated and this cant be out in the rain naturally either.

If the wind is stronger than 15 to 18 knots on the day or on arrival the castle wont be setup. We carry a windmeter, and, if it reads above this we wont setup (this is also the manufacturers recommendations before structural failure may result).We will have to cancel our service to you on arrival or prior to leaving base, and whilst regrettable, sadly it is better than a castle being ripped apart, moving, or worse - taking off with your precious kids inside it. We wont apologise for Safety First.

Playtime Bouncy Castles Payment Policy

Playtime Bouncy Castles payment policy is: a) we collect payment on arrival, b) payment is pre-deposited into our bank account, and c) for businesses only we can invoice you on our 7 day payment offer. We do not have EFTPOS or a credit card option. Where payment cannot be made, it is possible we may not supply the service unless prior arrangements were made with Management – not our staff. Collection of unpaid monies will be referred to our Specialist Recovery agent along with their costs and fees added to the total amount owing. Should payment still not be made, your details may also be listed with Credit Bureau. All additional collection fees and solicitor fees will be at your own cost.

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