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Terms & Conditions for Inflatable Hire


For a booking to be complete we will need the actual delivery address, your first and last name, a contact number and also your photo id on arrival, if at another place away from your home.


We do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.

Payment is by cash payment on the day or if you prefer to pay by Internet this must be done on the day or prior to and we can send you the bank details when you book please let us know. If our service is provided at a reserve or other such place which is not a private address or a business address then this also applies.

If we perform our service and within seven days the payment has not been made we may refer the outstanding account to a specialist debt recovery agent which will then include any charges that relate to that Service being provided to us. Then we charge additionally 5% interest on the amounts owed per week each week until the debt is paid. If after one month the outstanding account has still not been settled we will file proceedings to recover all the above costs plus any related costs to enforcement action, debt recovery action or court action.

WE NEED TO KNOW IF anyone is unwell that will be present.

We need to know if YOUR party/event is in an open public space. There are things we must do and perhaps even charge.

You need to tell us if there are any narrow gates or pathways gaps etc (we need at least a 1.2 metre wide clearances) to manouvre the castle to the setup site .

Parks/reserves etc. Please check with the council or park ranger for our castle to be setup. Its a good idea to check that there is power available. If not we have generators we can hire you to save you the hassle.

YOUR Castle setup comes complete with ground sheet, Blower/fan, safety mat, pegs, rules sign and a 20 0r 25 METRe power chord with an RCD. if it is a further distance then you will likely need to hire one of our generators. We require 1 standard nz plug with NO multi boards.

We need to know if the castle you hired will fit under trees or is going on a drive or hard surface eg concrete or in a carpark. Check castle sizing on our webpage.

If our castle or gear is damaged at your party, as the hirer you are, liable for any repair and or replacement cost.

When we collect the castle if it is in a wet or dirty condition or has food scraps, party popper mess etc in it, we do charge a $50 cleaning fee on the spot please know. It is stated on our signs to remind you of this.


We won’t head towards your place intending to setup any castles if it is drizzling or raining, or it’s likely to drizzle or rain during any of the setup or hire time. We only use the METVU webpage and any personal predictions which do not include using an I-Phone etc as a weather estimate or by taking a casual glance outside as it were) are accepted. The weather may later change for the worse and it would be too late to suddenly come back to pack it down.

If the rain gets into the castle it is not seen or understood, that we have an urgent job to get it dry which can take several hours, so damage by mould doesn't set in. It’s a lot of towels and the time needed in a dry location that’s required.

PLEASE NOTE: A $75 wet castle drying out fee will apply to a castle that gets wet.

If it’s going to rain during your hire time, you have the option to change the date or adjust or shorten or cancel the hire when we call you.

Once the decision to cancel has been made - we may not always be able to suddenly supply if the weather later improves, due to several reasons, eg, staff being sent home, castles unpacked etc. Sorry but these things we can’t magically change. We can see what we can do.

The castle comes with an electric blower, which must be kept going to keep the castle inflated and this cant be out in the rain naturally either.

We do not charge for cancellations due to any unsuitable weather conditions prior to us leaving our base.

Wind Policy

If the wind is stronger than 15 to 18 kph constant at the time or on arrival the castle simply can’t be setup or if set up, will be shut down. We carry a windmeter, and, if it reads above this, there’s no exceptions, but we won’t setup (this is also the manufacturers recommendations before structural failure or any potential risk of an accident may result).We will have to cancel our service to you on arrival or prior to leaving base, and whilst regrettable, sadly it is better than a castle being ripped apart, moving, or worse - taking off with your precious kids inside it. If you tell us it’s fine and we drive to you our delivery charge still applies if conditions aren’t suitable.

We won’t apologise for a Safety First position.

Call us now to make your booking or find out more.