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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long is the hire?

A. We offer 3 hour or 5 hour hires. We can offer longer but won’t hire castles after dark

Daylight saving months are up to 8pm, but we need to pick the castle up before it gets dark. We don’t offer a 1 hour hire.

Q. Do you deliver the bouncy castle?

A. Yes, we deliver, set it up and collect it. We provide free delivery, but if you are outside Tauranga a delivery charge will apply.

Q. Do you stay and supervise the castle?

A. No. For a normal birthday party that responsibility rests with the hirer. We don't provide supervision, unless it’s a public event or its requested/paid for. We can provide supervision, but we obviously have to charge this.

Q. I've booked the castle. Is there anything else I have to do?

A. Once you have made the booking, you just wait for the day. Please ensure that we will be able to access the site area and that its clear, We need you to tell us about narrow gates or narrow access down side of the house. If one staff person cant access, that may well prevent the hire going ahead. We ask that if you mow the lawns where the castle is going, that there is no lawn clippings. This creates mess in the castle.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. We do not deliver any castles if it is raining or if its highly likely. The castle comes with a constant air blower, which must be kept going to keep the castle inflated. Power, bouncy castles and water don't mix, so we don't have our castles operating in the rain. If its going to rain during your hire time, you have the option to change the date, hire a ‘light passing shower cover’ if available (these are $55 extra) or, cancel the hire when we call you. We do not charge for cancellations due to unsuitable weather. Once the decision to cancel has been made, sorry we may not be able to then supply if the weather improves, due to several reasons, eg, staff being sent home, castles unpacked etc. Sorry but these things we can’t magically change.

Q. Can the castles operate on windy days?

A. No. If the wind is stronger than 15 knots the castle wont be setup. We carry a windmeter, and, if it reads above 15 knots we wont setup (this is also the manufacturers recommendations).We will cancel the hire and whilst regrettable, sadly it is better than a castle moving, or worse with your precious kids inside it. We can’t apologise for safety first.

Q. Do I pay a bond or a deposit?

A. We don't charge a bond but a deposit is required for all hires out of Tauranga.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Internet, cash or a cheque on arrival. Sorry, we don’t have EFTPOS or credit card facilities. We will refer unpaid amounts to a ‘Specialist Collections Agency’.

Q. What sort of surfaces can the castle get put up on?

A. Grass is most common and we use metal stakes. As we must anchor the castle down, so if the castle is going up on a driveway or in a carpark or concrete etc, we need to know in advance, so we can bring ballast weights. We don’t setup on muddy surfaces, slopes or on sand, or stones etc. You must have a space available that will not risk contact with sharp objects or trees.

Q. Can the castle fit indoors?

A. Yes , sometimes. But, you must check the castle height on our webpage, and, all ceiling heights including, fans, beams, light fittings etc. Nothing must touch the roof of the castle.

Q. Do your castles comply with any Regulations.

A. Yes. We don’t muck around with anything less. Our castles comply with WorkSafe NZ Regulations – and are made to the higher UK standard EN:14960. All our power leads, RCD’s and blowers have been safety tested and tagged by a registered electrician.

Q. What sort of power supply is needed?

A. A normal house hold 3 pin power point within 25 to 30 metres is needed. We prefer that you don’t have lots of items off the same point, circuit or multi board as the load from some of our big blowers may trip out the fuse. If you don’t have a power point within 25 to 30 metres, we can hire you one of our generators, at an extra cost of course.

Q. What happens if we cause marks or damage?

A. If marks or stains occur from face paint etc, we may be able to deal with it but this is time consuming, and we charge from $35 for this. If other damage occurs, we will contact you again after we have organised the repair quote.

Q. What happens if someone gets hurt?

A. Any usual bumps or bruises that occur in any play situation are dealt with by the parents. Any injury that is serious (ie) requires a hospital or doctor, must be notified to us asap. Please take a photo of the injury and contact us on 021 2944102. There will a form that you will need to complete for us.

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